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Mithila Painting: The Evolution of an Art Form is shipped in five custom-made crates containing the paintings, labels, text panels, and banners. Paintings for sale, as well as the books, brochures, a CD with jpgs of the paintings, and a binder with information for docents and suggestions for the layout of the exhibit, will be shipped separately. If needed, off-site storage and re-delivery of the crates can be arranged at cost.

Images from the 2009 Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles.

A booking of two to three months is required. Extensions may be possible if schedule allows on a prorated fee. The booking fee is $6,000 plus shipping. A deposit of $3,000 is required at the time of booking and agreement on dates. The balance is due at the time of contact signing.

The fees and profits from sales underwrite the continuation of the free Mithila Art Institute in Madhubani, Bihar, a project of the non-profit 501(c)3 Ethnic Arts Foundation.

The exhibition is organized in five roughly chronological themes: Gods and Goddesses, Marriage, Narratives, Nature, and Social Commentary. Each theme is preceded by an interpretive panel and a photograph and brief biography of one of the artists.

The paintings in the exhibit are not for sale. However, additional paintings that are for sale can be provided on consignment, along with copies of the 100 page fully illustrated volume, Mithila Painting: The Evolution of an Art Form. A new book, Following My Paint Brush, by Dulari Devi, one of the featured artists in the exhibition, is the first book by a Mithila painter, and will also be available for sale.